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The following languages are supported

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  • Chinese (simplified, machine translation)

Featuring all scenes, inclusive of the updates from Two Horns!

Suddenly one day, the peaceful Oniga Town is hit by a zombie outbreak!

The town is immediately in chaos, with zombies attacking girls who are running for their lives. Men attack girls in the confusion, and some perverts even fuck female zombies.

A spin-off of "Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres" is now available, with a completely new scenario and new features!

*This title can be played by those who do not own the previous title, "Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres". Also, the scenarios are not connected, so even those who have not played the previous work can enjoy it. If you like it, please purchase the previous work as well.

Getting fucked by perver zombies? Or change into a Futanari and fuck girls?

This time, the main character is Miyako Sanada. She gets bitten by a zombie, passes out, and when she comes to...why is there a penis between her legs!

She can use a special medicine to turn back into a girl, or transform back into a futanari. You can enjoy new play styles.

New feature "Restraint Items"

By using "restraint items" hidden in the world, you can "restrain" your opponents, regardless of whether they are girls or zombie girls!

You can attack the restrained character as much as you want. If you restrain an innocent girl in town, the men of the town will come to you...?


Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres

Two Horns - itch.io



Buy Now$14.00 USD or more

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